About Us

WebPreach is a small conservative ministry answering the gospel call to reach the lost and wake up the sleeping church. WebPreach focuses on preaching the truth, encouraging the Christian, bringing sinners to repentance, and glorifying our Father in Heaven without compromise.

WebPreach gives sermons that sound the alarm without compromising God’s Word. WebPreach provides interviews that challenge today’s believer and unbeliever to motivate and to inform the world. WebPreach News keeps you informed on Bible prophecy as it unfolds and the latest headlines from a Christian perspective.

As the approaching of the return of Jesus Christ draws near WebPreach will continue on the front lines of the spiritual battlefield.

Dan Roller

Dan Roller is a former pastor from the Midwest. After careful study of the Bible the Holy Ghost put it upon Dan’s heart that some of the things going on in the modern church were not scriptural. These things grieved Dan’s spirit and he began to see a need for the return of the biblical foundations of the church.

We hope that this website will be a blessing and a encouragement to you and your family.

Please feel free to email us at drollerwebpreach@gmail.com and share with us your testimony and prayer requests!


  • We believe in the one true God, existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that entered into the world through the virgin birth and lived among us without sin.
  • We believe Adam was created in the image of God and did not evolve from preexisting forms of life.
  • We believe Jesus Christ shed His blood on Calvary as a substitute for all sinners, was buried and rose again in his body, and ascended to the right hand of the Father, from where He will return.
  • We believe people are justified by grace through faith through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ with no works of our own.
  • We believe the Holy Ghost convicts the sinner; sanctifies the believer; and fills the believer for the work of the Lord.
  • We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost — the just unto the resurrection of life eternal and the lost unto the resurrection of eternal damnation.
  • We believe Satan and hell are real and not figurative things.
  • We believe that the AKJV 1611 Holy Bible is Gods Word.
  • We believe in presenting ourselves holy and acceptable unto God by dressing modestly and keeping the focus on our countenance.
  • We believe in a nightly family bible study led by the father of the household to raise up the next generation to be mighty in spirit.