Matthew 6:22-23; Luke 15:10-32

We live in a time of great darkness and deception. People of today live according to their own standards and base their decisions according to what is politically correct.

The Supreme Court says its okay for same sex couples to get married and the response from the most is passive. Babies are being aborted and their body parts are sold for personal gain and the response is submissive to it. The foundational doctrine of Jesus Christ has been watered down, distorted and misused.

The church has become an amusement park, a fun house designed by the world and for the world. Most Christians search the internet without filters and are viewing soft porn advertising and also many secretly are viewing hardcore porn sites. Not only men and women but children and pastors also

The television set has taken the place of the comforter and the conviction of the Holy Ghost has been denied. Many Christians are beat down and abused mentally and physically by the enemy. But we still gather to the church houses and talk about all the things we could do and we end up doing nothing.

We go home turn on the television or hop on the computer and open our minds up to the indoctrinations of the world. The Bibles are tossed in a corner and the message is soon forgotten by the hearers.

The enemy has come in like a flood but we don’t even see it. We have become drunk with the times and distracted by the amusement created by the enemy to sedate us into subjection.

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