Proverbs 21:16; 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

There are haunted houses all across the United States filled with the walking dead.

Those who call themselves Christians are piled into these so called houses of God that are haunted by the ideal of a time that once was but now has passed away.

They’re the ghost of the past of once Holy Ghost filled churches on fire for the Word of God armed with the boldness of the gospel but are now become forsaken graveyards with lifeless congregants who wander the pews walking in a spiritual slumber. Faith has withered away and the great delusion of the truth has sealed the hard hearts of many believers.

The church has been infected with the disease of compromise. Rhigamortis has set in and the body is decaying. Although everything seems to be okay with the entertaining worship service and the delusion that God is pleased with our pathetic attempt to serve Him with our own ideals.

We have forsaken the path that leads to eternal life to the path that leads straight to the gaits of Hell. We hide in our churches/morgues as the outside world passes by and hears the ghostly whispers of a lifeless religion we have made peace with.

I say lifeless because that’s how we see it. We are okay with the status that we are at in the church. We’re fine without the power of the Holy Ghost. We’re fine without the presence of God in our congregations. Besides there is no conviction of our sins! We are free to sin at will. We can do our own will and just ask God to forgive us when our conscience feels guilty and then we’re okay to continue in our worldly activities.

The conviction is no longer affecting us because we’ve become spiritually dead. So we have become the walking dead. No light in us and no power.

You might say Dan your being very pessimistic! But I say to you what about the lost world? What about those who are in despair? What about the alcoholic? What about the drug addict? What about the SRAs? What about the aborted babies? What about the WORD of God?

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