What is the truth today?

What is the truth about Christianity and how a true Christian is supposed to live act and function?

If you look at Christianity in America(Babylon the Great!) you will see a people who say that they are “The People of the Lord and are followers and believers in Jesus Christ.

You will see a people who operate in a organized form of religion like a colony of ants.

We’re persuaded to believe that if we say a little prayer, and go to church on Sunday, and once during the week, that Jesus will love and save us from all harm and destruction.

You will see a people who are quick to claim to God’s promises and blessings, but stagnant to carry out the commands of Jesus Christ.

You will see a people who will not stand against the important issues today, that are destroying our nation and the world like abortion, homosexuality, drugs alcohol pornography,television, movies, and music.

You will see a people who measure the truth, and move of God by mankind, the amount of people and the size of the church.

You will see some people who look holy on the outside but are rotten to the core on the inside.

You will see people who claim to be saved but dress like the world, talk like the world, and operate just like the world, and these people are stumbling blocks to those who do not know Jesus Christ!

This type has never known Jesus Christ and will be quick to deny the truth when confronted with it.

Many who claim to know Jesus Christ will be very surprised in the hour when they meet him and find out that their Christian walk that came without repentance, sacrifice, and holiness, gets greeted with a response of rejection, and rebuke.

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